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Welcome to Paradise City Asylum! Come on in and stay for a while. I don't bite....hard. I am a lover of all things horror!  On any given day you can find me either watching my favorite flicks (horror flicks of course), in the dungeon of the asylum playing with my victims, or creating some wicked art.  I enjoy sneaking out of the asylum to wreak havoc anywhere I can.  I think serial killers are yummy....especially Otis B. Driftwood and Baby Jane Firefly! I am a lover of art...especially dark art. I am an artist and enjoy creating all kinds of art. I am a lover of photography and enjoy seeing the world through my lens. I have been modeling for over 20 years and have had some pretty amazing experiences and opportunities. Currently I specialize and enjoy fetish modeling, private collections, dark and horror themed art, Cosplay, and just about anything else that peaks my weird interests. Recently I have been getting more involved in film and am enjoying every minute of it. You can find a variety my work and other artwork (starring yours truly) in the gallery. Be sure to check out some of the amazing artists I have had the pleasure of working with. If you are interested in working with me or perhaps you want to add something to your private collection, please message me via Facebook or email me at [email protected]. Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

***Do you like handmade one of a kind goodies??? Be sure to visit my Etsy store and check back often to see what I am creating. Stop by and visit The Upcycled Asylum today!   

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